16 August 2005

Gold, Oil, and Equities Very Near the End of their Respective Growth

A perusal of the weekly fractals of oil, gold, and the equities are
instructive at this point. Money is being applied to all three investment
areas and all three have very distinct weekly growth fractal patterns. Their
synergistic maximum growth fractal end points x/2.5x/2.5x are remarkably

The intermediate weekly fractal growth pattern for Gold with its recent
daily exhaustion gap:

12/30/29 of 24-30.

The intermediate weekly fractal growth periodicity for oil with its recent
record daily high:

21/52/50 of 42-52.

And for the Wilshire the weekly growth fractals:

22/54/54 of 44-54.

The money available for investing is pushing each of these investment
entities to their maximum time saturation limits. And those limits are
nearly matching in end point time frames.

The terminal liquidation of equity positions, et. al, at the valuation top
will result in a flow of money into the intermediate and long term bonds.
The long term bonds will decrease just as they did in the finale of October
1998. Gold will be ultimately be a good investment but expect some very
significant retrenchment in the next two to three months.

 G. Lammert