26 August 2005

A Completed Fibbonocci third Growth Sequence on Friday 26 August 2005

The fractal evolution since October 2002 strongly suggests that there are
very real and very simple quantum number fractal laws that underlie the
macroeconomy. This discovery will be little consolation to the turmoil that
is about to unfold over the next decade.

August 24 (Wednesday's) and August 25 (Thursday's) trading days once again
demonstrated on a 5 minute unit fractal level, the recurrent precise fractal
theme of x/2.5x/2x-2.5x - that pervades the economic universe.

For the Wilshire 5000 the base was about 17 five minute units. The three
sequential growth fractals were 17/42/34 of 34 before the fall on Friday
morning. The lateral 'skeletonized' evolution of this fractal sequence
suggests the final lower (very lower) high is close at hand. Friday August
26 is the Fibonacci 85th day of a 52/130/85 daily sequence dating since
August 2004.

1.62 times 52 equals 84.24 days.... If growth sequences follow idealized
Fibonacci related fractals, Monday 29 August 2005 will break lower in
a nonlinear manner. A deluge is coming.

G. Lammert