7 August 2005

Friday 5 August 2005 - 2000's secondary top for the FTSE?

Only the lonely FTSE held up its end to the full x/2.5x/2x-2.5x - 12/30/30
of 24-30 days - the maximum of the terminal daily fractal growth pattern -
making a multi-yearly high on 5 August, 2005. With regards to recent
prognostications: the nonlinear minutely gap in dollar occurred on day 73.
The reciprocal gap up in its sister currency can well be seen in the Swiss
Franc on day 73. While the under performing DJIA (after all, it is an
American, not a Chinese INDUSTRIAL index) made its recent ending trading day
high on the 2x or 24th day of its terminal 12/30/24-30 day fractal sequence.
It's weak performance did not exceed its March 2005 secondary top.

The global equities have, with high probability, completed their secondary
growth patterns at the 52nd week of 22/54/52-54 weekly fractal growth
pattern. The decay process has already begun.

 G. Lammert