28 July 2005

Reverse Growth Fractal Top Patterns - Another Confirmational Indicator of
the Finale for the 147 year second great Fractal

With daily fractal analysis and reanalysis of asset valuation curves and
the quantum discrete units that make up the minutely, hourly, daily, and
weekly dynamic money-debt-asset mechanistic macroeconomic system, an obvious
fractal pattern, so readily apparent in retrospect, often comes into view
of the myopic fractalist.

At major lower order valuations, top quantum units in individual equities
and commodities, many times complete classical inverse growth fractals. The
time units of the inverse top fractals can be in minutes, hours, or days
and usually are in a quantum sequence of either x/2.5x/2x or
x/2.5x/x,1.5x,1.6x,2.5x, the former being much more prevalent.

Identified for the Wilshire 5000 and better seen in the NASDAQ is such a
classical x/2.5x/2x inverse top fractal with weekly units starting in
January 2004.

The weekly fractal sequence has a base of 15 weeks and will be completed
this week.

First top weekly fractal: 18 January 2004 - 25 April 2004 15 weeks (X)

Second weekly fractal: 25 April 04 - 1 January 05 37 weeks (2.5X)
(Note that a weekly decay valuation asymptote occurred on the 15th week
on 1 August 04 of this 37 week second fractal).

Third (final) weekly fractal: 1 January 05 - 27 July 05 30 weeks (2X)
(Note that again a weekly decay valuation asymptote occurred on
the 15th week on 1 April 05 of this potential 30 week classical third and
final fractal).

This long term classical inverse top growth pattern may elegantly be yet
another fractal confirmation of the Wilshire March 2000's final secondary
top - ideally near or exactly on 28 July 2005 completing a final 12/30/24:
x/2.5x/2x daily fractal growth pattern.

 G. Lammert