7 October 06 

Fractal Confirmations of a Saturated Global Equity Market...
Tuesday - Wednesday 10 -11 October 2006  The Incipient Crash Days

 Because of the Japanese federal government's 15 year constant anti
deflationary near zero interest rate monetary policy,  the NIKKEI is
the purest of all fractal equity composite markets. Beginning with an
up going valuation month,  the three phase monthly growth fractals are
8/19/17 months. The 17 month third fractal is composed of a three
phase  weekly fractal of 12+/30/30 weeks with last week composing the
30th week of the third sub fractal.

The Wilshire has two interlocking short term daily fractals ending in
two and four days respectively:

24/58 of 60 days and
18/41 of 45 days

A major near term devolution should occur within the next four trading
days and most likely, following the holiday,  on Tuesday and Wednesday
10 and 11 October.  It is likely that the low of this devolution will
represent the end of the first fractal of a three phase fractal decay
sequence of y/2.5y/2.5y in duration, and most likely considering the
long term fractal evolution a 10plus/26/26 day decay crash. . An ideal
length of y would be 10-11 days.

The Wilshire from its May 06 intraday high completed the 45th day of
the third fractal of a    18/45/45 inverse growth fractal. A
termination of higher growth of valuation would represent a ideal
fractal conclusion.  for the Wilshire.

Valuation fractals are the macro economy's perfect mathematical
representation of the integrative 'balance' or sum of its paradoxical
unsustainable global imbalances. These imbalances are oppositional,
self-limiting, and counter regulatory in effect.  All imbalances have
their limits and saturation areas. Along the way available investment
money is 'perfectly' self-assembled into the optimal asset growth
areas  and, at saturation areas, is perfectly 'destroyed' in the
optimal decay asset areas. Taken as whole and in slices the net result
is a 'perfect'  and mathematically internally-consistent valuation
fractal evolution.

The multiple mathematical synchronization of second fractals as
previously described is joined by an integrative fractal of 62/143 of
155 weeks with the second fractal, an integrative fractal stating on 7
January 2004 and composed of 150/300/248 of 300 days.

(Should a nuclear device be tested this weekend, the event will be a
true true and unrelated  serendipitous occurrence, occurring near the
secondary apex  of a natural generational macroeconomic decay cycle.)

Gary Lammert