22 February 06

The Last Hurrah ;  x/2.5x/2.5x ... Extended....

A fractal growth flea... on top of a fractal mole ...on top of
 the bony prominence of the March 2000 right shoulder.....

Today 22 February the Wilshire advanced from a 4/10/10 fractal basis
to a new high.
Growth has gone from a 30/75(ending in August 2004)/75 weekly basis
 to a 31/77/77 daily basis to a 4/10/10 daily basis to a possible
11/25 of 27-28/ 22-28
- fifteen minute unit fractal basis. If this construct is correct, Thursday
23 February will end on a lower low than Tuesday 21 February's low.

As way of clarification the a/b/c designation refers to three separate
growth fractals.  The first growth period is 'a' in time length, the second is
 'b' in time length, and the third is 'c'   in time length.
The x/2.5x/2.5x pattern typifying the right shoulder growth of the
March 2000 refers to time time lengths of the respective three sequential
growth fractals: 'a', 'b', 'c' respectively.  If the first unit  'a'
is 2 weeks long, the second would be 5 weeks (2.5times 'a') with a
nonlinear break between
the time period of 4-5 weeks, and the third fractal 'c' would be 2.5 times
'a' or 5 weeks in length. The weekly patterns of 30/75/75 and the daily patterns
of 31/77/77 and 4/10/1o and the potential fifteen minute patterns of
11/28/22-28   - all fit this x/2.5x/2.5x fractal pattern.

Part of the macroeconomic saturation growth and decay fractal
hypotheses is that the evolution of the smaller unit fractals provide
the pattern template data for the larger unit evolution. A x/2.5x/2.5x
fractal has been the recurrent growth theme during the second shoulder
for the Wilshire and other world indices. Yesterday a 4/10/10
secondary growth pattern was completed which was 0.45 or .00338
percent less than 30 January 2006's high for the Wilshire - 13016.59
(yesterday's high was 13016.15) The British FTSE is at day 58 of a
29/58 day sequence with the expected nonlinear second subfractal break
at any time  (x/2x-2.5x) The CAC is near its absolute break point near
the 2.5x limit of a second subfractal evolution.

The  4/10/10 daily growth evolution for the Wilshire was a small lower
high shoulder (13016.15)sitting to the right of the 75 week high and
the 62 day high(13016.59) which was contained in 75th week.  A
technician's double top for the world's largest composite index is

The x/2.5x/2.5x pattern is a reality. It is verifiable.  This myopic
fractalist's interpretation assumes that this pattern has significance
and has a relationship with the inflection point or valuation
saturation area of the US 140 year plus Second Grand Fractal -
where a nonlinear phenomena - characteristic of the end of second
fractals might occur.

Multiple world equity indices with different fractal bases are aligned
for a prototypical second subfractals' nonlinear drop. Money has
rotated out of the smaller equities with focus on a few of the DJIA
components, causing higher highs for this little brother of the Great
Wilshire. Composite volume for the recent valuation growth was low -
and taken as a whole the last 22 days of trading can be interpreted as
a distribution process. Insiders are selling high tech stocks at
historical sell/buy ratios.  11/27-28/27-28 remains a plausible
primary decay scenario.

A replay of the 1929 primary fractal drop may very well be (well) underway.

Gary Lammert