13 March 06

Idealized  Fractal Growth and Decay - From the Economic Fractalist Home Page:

"The ideal growth fractal time sequence is X, 2.5X, 2X and 1.5-1.6X.
The first two cycles include a saturation transitional point and decay
process in the terminal portion of the cycles. A sudden nonlinear drop
in the last 0.5x time period of the 2.5X is the hallmark of a second
cycle and characterizes this most recognizable cycle. After the
nonlinear gap drop, the third cycle begins. This means that the second
cycle can last anywhere in length from 2x to 2.5x. The third cycle 2X
is primarily a growth cycle with a lower saturation point and decay
process followed by a higher saturation point. The last 1.5-1.6X cycle
is primarily a decay cycle interrupted with a mid area growth period."

By fractal analysis the March 2000 secondary equity growth is
concluded. Contained within the composite Wilshire's daily valuations
since its reversal low day in October 2005 is both the ideal X, 2.5X,
2X, 1.5X sequence and a smaller echo x/2.5x/2x/1.5x ideal fractal
sequence.  This again is worth a look at BIG CHARTS to 'do the count.'
 It is hypothesised that this fractal pattern is mathematically the
most efficient growth scenario and application of available wealth.

In fractal analysis, the last unit of valuation time in a fractal
subunit is counted as the first unit of the subsequent subfractal.
Additionally if a ending or initiating unit starts from a low and goes
to a high it is doubled counted. With that prelude, a look at the
Wilshire dating from its reversal day low illustrates the final
perfect fractal sequence:

12-27 October                      =   X              =   12 days
27October- 8 December      =  2.5X          =   30 days with a
minutely nonlinear gap lower

on day 30 or December 8
8 December - 12 January    =  2X             =  24 days
12 January  - 7 February     =  1.5 X         =  18 days...

Now look at the word description contained in the first paragraph in
relation to the evolution of the individual three growth and one decay

The finale echo fractal occurs from:

 7-10/13 February for 4.6 days = x
10/13 -28 February for 11 days    =2.5x (the nonlinear lower gap is
seen on day 11 on the minute charts)

 and 28 February - 13 March = 2x or about 9.2 days with a reversal on day 10;

1.5 x would be 7 more days matching the 5-6 days remaining by the
previous fractal analysis. 
Gary Lammert