30 March 06

At the End of the Wilshire's Secondary Trail.....

If day 111 of the preceding 23 week growth is a shared day with the
current 23 week and final growth fractal, Wednesday 29 March will
represent the secondary top for the Wilshire's March 2000 valuation
 peak. A minutely exhaustion gap was apparent during the last 4-5
points to March 29th's new (secondary) high 13224.74.  If the days
 are not shared, the final high will be today or Friday March 31.

From the lows in August 2005 the daily quantum growth sequence of
x/2.5x/2x - that grew from a decaying 28/70 day sequence antecedent to
August 2004 - is  56/140/112.

For qualitative Elliottician, the wave cycles may be confusing because
decay has competed with growth since October 2002.

The weekly quantitative cycles since October 2002 appear to be
completing a longer sequence starting in October1998. The weekly
sequence since the October 2002 low is:

First weekly fractal: 23 + 22-23 weeks

Second Fractal: 16/4040/ weeks

Third weekly Fractal: 23 + 23 weeks again.

Fractally this is quite elegant with the second growth fractal having
a nonlinear break near the end of the second 40 week and the total
length between 2 and 2.5x of the first fractal23+22-23 =  45-46 weeks
and the final 2 23 week sequences equally 45 weeks or 2X
of 22-23 weeks, the second half of the first fractal with the major up
slope growth vector.

The third and final fractal of 45 weeks has either reached its apogee
with a shared day between the two 112 day fractals or, if there is no
sharing, has one or two more growth days.

After the 112th shared day or actual day, a sudden collapse
commensurate with the structural unsoundness of America's true global
and domestic financial position which surrealistically parallels that of
America's former sine qua non representative smokestack powerhouse
industry, General Motors.  As goes GM, so goes.....   Expect the
Gary Lammert