2006 Archive of daily updates



14 Oct Overwhelming Debt Load

7 Oct Fractal Confirmations of a Saturated Global Equity Market

1 Oct 1 October 06 Solved


28 Sept 28 September 06

23 Sept Synchronization of Superimposed Long Term Second Fractals and the Nonlinear Decay Portion of Generationally Saturated Markets

16 Sept Terminal Investment Rotations at the 148 year Generational Saturation Asymptote

2 Sept The declining Wilshire maximal growth extension fractal count is 28-29/71-72/71-72 of 71-72 days (x/2.5x/2.5x)


26 Aug 26 August 2006 Epilogue to the 11 June posting

19 Aug 19 August 06 epilogue to the 11 June 06 Final Update

8 Aug 8 August 06 postscript to the 11 June 06 Final Update


11 June Final Update The Third and Final Postscript


20 May The Second Postscript to the 6 May 2006 Nonlinear posting Last Thoughts

13 May Postscript to May 6

6 May Nonlinear Occurrences in an ... Unsuspecting and  Assumed Linear World


28 Apr The Non-Paradoxical Fractal Evolution of the US Dollar

24 Apr 24 April Saturation Macroeconomics and the Wilshire Inverted Maximal Growth Fractals

21 Apr More Than Ever... Expect The,,,,  Very Unexpected ....
The Unbalanced Global Macroeconomy ......  And The US Long Term Debt Market

8 Apr The Fractals of GM Equity Valuation...... The Leading US Economic Indicator

1 Apr A  Detailed and Refined Analysis Regarding the Nature of Fractal
Growth and Decay Evolution of Equity Valuation Since October 2002


30 Mar At the End of the Wilshire's Secondary Trail

29 Mar The Quantum Nature of Fractal Growth and Decay - A Short Review
Since March 2002

25 Mar The Recurrent Ominous Curvilinear  Fractal Decay Pattern of 11/27/19
of 27 days

18 Mar Synchronized Growth And Decay - The Last Two 25 to 26 Weekly X and Y
Fractal Series

15 Mar Bonds, Equities, Metals at their Zenith and secondary Zenith points

14 Mar Optimism - The Contrarian Gold Standard

13 Mar Idealized  Fractal Growth and Decay - From the Economic Fractalist Home Page

12 Mar Cresting Dominant Equity Valuation Fractal Patterns Since 1998

8 Mar A Rare Ironclad Prediction Using Fractal Analysis

7 Mar The Intriguing and Recurrent Fractal Growth Winds Under the Wings of
The 2000 Wilshire's Right Shoulder

6 Mar The Ten Year Note and Thirty Year Bond Terminal Tidal Wave On-The-Edge Growth Fractals

5 Mar From the Recent Global Macroeconomic Want Ads...


28 Feb The Devolution Fractal Alignments of The Wilshire and Comex Gold

25 Feb The Ten-Eleven Day  Three Phase Growth Sequence Finale for the Wilshire

22 Feb The Last Hurrah ;  x/2.5x/2.5x ... Extended

19 Feb A Possible Fractal Solution for The Composite Wilshire's Right Shoulder Initial  Breakdown...

6 Feb Before the Deluge...  All's Quiet on the Western Front ...

3 Feb Weekly 30/75/75 and Daily 31/77/77 Fractal Completion....


5 Jan The Alignment of Debt and Equity Market Fractals

11 Jan 30/75/75  -  x/2.5x/2.5x Maximum Weekly Fractal Completion