2005 Archive of daily updates


27 Dec Crash Warning

23 Dec Equities Saturated....

10 Dec Gold's Fractal Story

6 Dec The Great Right Fractal Shoulder to the March 2000 High

4 Dec Completion of the 56/140/140 day Growth Fractal


22 Nov 56/140/135 of 140 - 5 more to the March 2000 Secondary Top

20 Nov The Third Fractal Solution

15 Nov Fractal Decay Solutions Near the End of a 147 Year Macroeconomic Cycle

10 Nov Goodbye General Motors

5 Nov 1929 Fractal Parallels with the Present

1 Nov 52/130/130 Maximum Daily Growth Fractal Completed


27 Oct A New Solution to the Simple Fractal Puzzle:Second Decay Fractal Finished;
Eleven Days into the Third Fractal Decay -36-7 Days to an Ideal Primary Bottom...

23 Oct Google's Telltale EEG (Exclamation Exhaustion Gap) Spike Near
The Very End Of The Composite Market Second Decay Fracta

17 Oct Nonlinearity as Part of Macroeconomic Fractal Progression

9 Oct 55 or 65 Days to the Primary Bottom - the Current Fractal Interpretation

6 Oct Today's Entry into the Laboratory Notebook Investigating the Possibility That
Equity Valuation Fractal Evolution Precisely Represents Macroeconomic Activity

4 Oct 1932-2006 - The Second 74 Year SubCycle of the US Second Grand
 Fractal? A Replay of 1858-1932?

3 Oct Nonlinearity Ahead - 15 Weeks to a Significant Low


24 Sept The Exquisite Daily Fractal Evolution since March 12, 2003....
and Recomputation of the Primary Decay Sequence

21 Sept Near the End of the Wilshire 5000 Secondary Daily Decay Fractal

20 Sept The Final Few Lower High Days of Distribution

14 Sept East Meets West - World Equities At the Top by Two Different but Perfect -
Weekly Third Fractal Growth Paths

13 Sept The Underperforming Wilshire 5000 and the Second 28 day Decay Fractal

2 Sept The Second Decay Fractal Secondary Top

1 Sept A Perfect First Fractal Decay Pattern


31 Aug The Primary Daily Decay Fractal Pattern - Identified - A Replay of 1929

26 Aug A Completed Fibbonocci third Growth Sequence on Friday 26 August 2005

25 Aug Saturation Curve Fractal Analysis - A Real Science?

19 Aug The Consumer-Debt Driven Speculative Global Economy .... Saturated .... 

18 Aug The 2000-2004 Extreme Resuscitation Experiment in Macroeconomics

16 Aug Gold, Oil, and Equities Very Near the End of their Respective Growth Fractals

11 Aug The European and Asian Equity Growth Fractal Finales

8 Aug Within the Fractals of the Global Equity Summit Is the Beginnings of Fractal Decay

7 Aug Friday 5 August 2005 - 2000's secondary top for the FTSE?

3 Aug Linear Projections of the Congressional Budget Office in a Nonlinear World


30 July The Wilshire 5000 Double Exhaustion Gap

28 July Reverse Growth Fractal Top Patterns

26 July Near The Top With No Way Out

22 July March 2000's Evolving Secondary Equity Fractal Peak

18 July Replica Treasury Yield Fractal Patterns

12 July The Real Secondary Peak?

7 July A Fractal Comment on Market Manipulation and the Precious metals

4 July Major Equity Valuation Fractal Trends


27 June End Oil in a Declining Economic Environment Equity

20 June US Equity Growth Fractals Running up Against the Three Year Saturation Curve

16 June The tightening of interest rate spreads

7 June A Fractal Top for the Real Estate Bubble


26 May Untitled

5 May New Growth Fractal or Preceding Predominant Decay Cycle Dependent?

18 May The Alberta Oil Sands Paradigm

17 May The X/2.5X/2X Fractal Behavior During the Last Five Trading Days

16 May Tech Stocks Still On track

15 May The Original September 2004 Synchronization Theory

14 May Poem- From The Tao Te Ching 2

12 May Major Indices Fractals Pointing to Near Term Major Nonlinear Event

11 May GM Close To a Finale Point

10 May Poem- The Tao Te Ching

9 May A Fractal and Macroeconomic Quick View of Wal-Mart Equity Valuations

8 May Poem- What Made America Great

7 May Looking Up

6 May Equity Markets at a Fractal Crossroads

5 May A Perpetual GDP Growth Anomaly

4 May A Valuation Canary of a Different Feather